#LArcMNL love + Migration


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You recognize the shirt? Oh really? hahaha! It’s the L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team’s Shirt. And yes, I am a fangirl! Hasn’t it been obvious since I started loving them? Well, not that I am aware of. XD

So anyway, I thought of wearing this shirt for the first time to work. And so far, no reactions yet. I am just in a hunt for a Cieler in the office, who knows? lol.

You love the shirt? I Love the artist too! Check out our very own JeniKenshin: http://nijisky.wordpress.com/.


So what about the “MIGRATION”?

I have been thinking for a few days now about merging Random Venus and Mushy Kitty. I mean getting just ONE blog name for all my interest. Keeping 5 separate blogs is really difficult to manage.

I thought by having Random Venus as a separate blog for my interests other than style and beauty will make it easier for me to manage. Only lately when I couldn’t keep my other blogs active and having tons of tons of entries in my drafts.

Plus, initially the intention of Random Venus is to organize all my blogs.

So there, maybe one of these days, you’ll no longer see me active in here. But I’ll keep this one up and in-public for the sake of my old entries. 😀 And Random Venus will be shut down for a while, while it’s under construction. 🙂

Hoping you’d still support me when I migrated to the other blog name. 😉


[Shirt:Official L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team Shirt | Jeans: Freego | Shoes: Vans | Bag: Cousin’s]

[LOD 81413]: Pink a boo!


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Guess what?

I didn’t have a good sleep yesterday due to a discomfort in my body. So I ended up having just a 4 hour sleep and I thought I would not survive my shift. Good thing I did! hah! <(^,^)>

So since I woke up very early for my night shift and the unwanted feeling disappeared before I knew it; I had a nice feeling of thinking a bit about my outfit for the day.

Pink isn’t my favorite color, I don’t hate it either. But I just feel uncomfortable wearing it because the color it self is so girly. But in this outfit, I dared to try it out. And hey, not bad at all. What do you think?

Some of my teammates reaction were pretty nice, because they won’t usually see me wear something like this.

So what’cha think? 😉




[Cardigan: Sister’s | Top: H&M | Skirt: Mogao | Flats: Solemate]



Gorgeous tips for your feet


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We, girls love high heels! Say AMEN! 😀 Though no matter how tiring they can be or scary sometimes, we still love them because… they add self confidence and beauty. Don’t they?

Here are tips from Michelle Phan on how to master the high heels:

But wearing high heels has its own aftermath, so here are VERY helpful DIYs from FAWN to treat our lovely feet.

Happy Sunday!