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"Water your body everyday, and your 40 year old body will Thank you"

Hey Lovelies! Since I could not update any of my Health & Beauty Blog, let me post similar stuffs here. I have actually been writing some  but they all end up on the paper only.

So anyway highway, the past few months with the corporate world has been a roller coaster and still is.  But I know someday I’ll get the hang of it.  With all the stress and depression plus the sudden changes of extreme weather that has been so hard on me that my body doesn’t want want to cooperate with my brain sometimes. Resulting to sickness and everything including skin dehydration and chapped lips. Multiplied all of these with the hard-headed me- drinking too much soda’s, coffees, and energy drinks but not water.  Which is now the main reason for the not-so-pretty-super-ugly-chappy lips. Good thing water is always to the rescue, after having an at least 7-8 glasses of  water a day routine and with a smoothy lip balm, voila! Tired-dry-skin and chappy lips are slowly waving goodbye. I’ve been doing this routine for a week now, and I know it takes time to see great results.

My work can easily dried up my throat that’s why I need water for a quick refill. 😉 So girl’s, don’t forget to drink water! Not necessarily have an 8 glasses a day routine cause baby you’re not a plant! But at least, always water your body after eating or drinking sweets or caffeine’s. And puhlease, when you’re thirsty don’t go automatically with soda’s at least water first, before you grab a soda.

For a quick fix and instant lovely smackers! 😉


Have an awesome Agua day everyday!




P.S: Don’t forget to drop some thoughts, I’d be happy to read them and most glad to respond to them. Thanks.