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Last 4th of December our company organized a year-end gathering with a “Glam Rock”  theme. Well basically, the only rule is to wear either white or silver.  Few days before I confirm my friends of attending, I was having a problem with my closet. Cause since I moved in to this new place, my closet is pretty empty. I only have a couple of jeans, dress, basic tees and blouses that I regularly wear to work.

So for three days, I’ve been visiting lookbook for any looks that would work for me for the event. And apprently, it’s pretty hard to choose from one look to another, cause there are thousands of gorgeous looks that the bloggers are posting everyday. Until a night before the event, Edward Cullen crossed my mind… and voila! I remember Bella’s after-wedding dress.

So that very morning, I went shopping. Well this is sort of embarrassing but you bet, I wasn’t able to wash-dry it cause I spent hours and hours in the mall to find a replica of her dress.  And since it’s pretty difficult to find such a dress, I end up with this white mini dress for… guess how much? 350 php baby! 🙂


Blue stripe satchel -Divisoria ^ Shoes - Rusty Lopez


Vintage Necklace & Silver bracelet - Joyo Starmall Mandaluyong

Well it’s supposed to be glam and rock but yeah, rules are meant to be broken… don’t they? As long as you’re with people who knows how to spell “fun”,  then who needs rules… right?  Happy holidays everyone!