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Lately, Humming Urban Stereo has been topping my playlist.. weather I’m just lounging in my private shell and thinking about my pretty boy, or eating candies and chocolates, or lying in bed and waiting for my eyes to shut, or reading magazines, brushing my books, or gliding in my journal, or checking facebook and twitter, or just merely sitting there and doing nothing.

I fell in love first with their song on Chriselle Lim’s Vlog. And found a lot of songs to spin around. Here are my top 5 favorites. But I actually have like hundreds in my MP3. 😉

1. Lady from Ipanema-Swimming Pool Mix: Which reminds me of the colorful M&M’s, Milk tea and Chocolates. Just a sweet-sweet mix!


2. Baby Love: A song that tickles my heart and reminds me of my Crush. Although I couldn’t figure out still the full meaning of the lyrics.  ahy! 😉


3. No No No: I love the beat, rhythm and everything of this song. This spins when I’m in my couch and gliding my pen on the paper.


4. Salad Day: This most likely spins when I’m checking online… a.k.a STALKING. I don’t know why.. but I guess it’s about the adorable rhythm of it.


5. Space Love’s Disco (ft Simone- D’Sound) – Dance your heart out Retro babe! 😉



* All credits goes to the owners of the videos. 



>  http://www.youtube.com/user/daloeh




Also you might wanna check out some of my favorite catch on youtube


But I haven’t been updating lately. Been very busy with the corporate world. I’ll try to update soon.  😉