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Goodbye the saddest word you could ever say to someone you’ve been with, may not be for as long as years, but the moments you’ve shared with makes the relationship feels like forever. It is the word that makes every tear fall and breaks anyone’s heart.

Having someone part of your life even just for a short time feels so amazing. Someone that cheers you up when you’re dispirited, someone who’s with you through up’s and down’s, someone who may throw hurtful jokes but won’t tell you a lie.

Like the seasons; people change, yet deep within their hearts each small detail of a happy memory is a balm to their weasy soul. Parting ways doesn’t always mean losing the people you cherish the most, sometimes it just opens up a new chapter of our lives. It’s a new door for some people, a new world for others, it may seem like a going back home for most of us, but what’s wondrous is that once in our life we’re given a chance to be part of the crowd that never spoils fun and learning.

It’s always awkward to tell someone goodbye with tears in the eyes, so let me smile instead and beckon my hand and say: “See yah ‘round, dear!”

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