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Body Con Top – Tokyo Fashion

Scarf as Belt

Franine Nude Pants – M & Co.


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I don’t wear body con clothes on a regular basis. I do have some but only for special occassions.

This top is from a teammate and a friend. She told me this was her Sunday top, I thought this is something for the beach because of the texture, turns out I’m wrong! 🙂

She gave me some of her stuffs that she no longer use, and I was surprise when I had a closer look of the tops… there are Apple & Eve’s, Freeway’s and a couple of branded one’s. I can’t imagine if she  just throw all these tops or made them as rags! Good thing she decided to ask me if I’d like them. I’ve been thinking actually of extending my wardrobe, it’s pretty awesome to have friends like her. They will share their closet making your’s bigger without hurting your wallet.  Thanks Dear Ate Cris!

Happy International Women’s Day Lovelies!