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So I haven’t been updating in my youtube channel. And it sucks that my camcorder got broke while filming.  But here’s a written step-by-step on how to achieve a simple Spring make up with earthy colors.

Products and Tools

Mineral Foundation – Avon Cosmetics

Powder – Avon Cosmetics

Eyeshadow in colors: Green, Gold, White, Brown – Avon Cosmetics

Blush on – Simply Pretty in Red by Avon Cosmetics

Lipstick – Simply Pretty in Juicy Papaya by Avon Cosmetics

Lip Balm – Maybelline

Mascara – Black Extended by Avon Cosmetics

Liquid Eyeliner – Black by Nichido

 Kabuki Foundation Brush – Avon Cosmetics

Blush on Brush (As a Powder Brush) – Nichido Cosmetics

2 Sided Eyeshadow brush – Avon Cosmetics

Angled Eyeshadow Brush – Pagani

Eyeshadow Sponge – Avon Cosmetics

Mascara Brush – Nichido Cosmetics

Eyelash Curler – Nichido Cosmetics


It’s Simple Start off with a clean face: A stress clean face! haha! Nahh kidding, just mine. 😀

>  Apply Foundation. No powders yet if you’re using Liquid blush on to achieve a natural blush. 😉

> And now for the eyes:


1. Start with the White color as a base. Apply it all over your lids and brow bone.

2. Apply the green color all over your lids.

3. Dust in some golds, but don’t over do it. It’s only applied to pop up the color and add glitter to the green base.

4. Move to your Angled Brush and pick the brown color. Now be careful, strike a V on the outer V part of your eye.

5. Go back to the rounded brush, and blend in the brown to your green base. But don’t over blend. Make sure you still have the green popping out from your eye lids.

6. Apply the white base on your brown bone.

7. Get the eyeshadow sponge and line your under eyes with the brown, stop half way. Apply gold near the tear ducks and swipe halfway meeting the brown line.

> Now apply the black liquid eyeliner and make sure to extend the line a little to create a sweet cat-eye.

> Then Curl lashes and Mascara. 😉

> Now get that pretty blush on. If you’re going to use a liquid one, it’s better to powder your face after applying the blush to achieve that natural blush and glow! And it’s best applied on the apples of the checks. 😉

> Finish off with a balm and a juicy red color lipstick.

And you’re done! 😀

Hope you like it! Oh, how I wish I had the video! But anyways, maybe next time.

Keep Glammin’!