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For over the years my style has been inspired mostly by bloggers. But later this year my dressing up has been revolving with music.

That even by just grabbing a pair of jeans and shirts in the closet needs a background music. Why? I’m not so sure, but my look would depend on to what music is playing at the time I am putting on some clothes.

After watching Chriselle Lim’s Coachella Fashion Series video blog, I came to think of sharing my looks as well inspired by the music I listen to (in which as you would know by the end of this blog series that I’m such random when it comes to anything including music). 🙂

Here ‘s the first part of the series. I call it Rockin’ Sexy Indie. Because for me, my definition of Rock will be  in 3 words: Edgy, Sexy and Vintage.

Seventh Heaven – L’Arc~en~ciel :  Let me share you a secret, I’m currently obsessed with this band.  Not just because their lead singer is Hot and Sexy, but also the range of their music is really wide. Which I think,  why their still shinning for over 20 years.

Every time I hear this song I feel like dancing. 😉
Printed Legging – Thrifted
DIY Cropped Top

Here’s the link to the Official MV of the song:


Tell me if it made you dance as well! 🙂

Too Afraid To Love You – The Black Keys:  I’ve just recently discovered the band. If I could still remember- about 2 to 3 weeks ago. They’ve got this sort of Indie feeling into some of their songs. And I really love versatility when it comes to talent. Actually, as this look is my usual everyday look. 

Men’s Shirt – Culture @ SM Men’sDepartment
Skinny Jeans – Freego
Sunnies, they’re super in specially that it’s sizzling hot summer! 🙂 This one is thrifted.. as usual. 😀

Here’s a link to the song:


>  You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – VersaEmerge: I was laughing to be honest after seeing the shots. Am I a rock star or a sexy star? hahaha! But really, do you think this will pass to VersaEmerge’s song? Sierra is so sexy. I love her. And Blake is a cutie pie.

This sheer top is from a workmate slash friend. 🙂
Ooookaaaayyyy… Please don’t judge me. 😀

Here’s to the VersaEmerge’s song:


Other’s would say “It’s about accessorizing.” And sorry, I don’t believe with that. Why? Cause I’m  horrible when it comes to accessories. I mess up to death. That’s why you’d most likely see me in minimal accessories.  But I do believe: “It’s not about the clothes, but the attitude you wear.” (An excuse of a frustrated stylist. haha) 😉

Share to us what’s your current playlist and let’s discover the great artists in the universe.

Happy weekend!

And oops, don’t forget to visit my youtube channel for more music: http://www.youtube.com/user/imsoin2uAC

Coming Soon: Poppy Love (A Pop/Electropop Inspired) – Filipinos love the color Kpop and Jpop.  Do you?  😉