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Full Name: Chalylle Nueva  

School: Philippine International School, Qatar

Birth Year: 1996

Favorite Color: Black, Purple, Pink, Grey

Favorite Fashion Essential: Crop Top/ hip hop pieces.

Favorite Song and Artist:  Hinahanap-hanap kita  By Daniel Padilla, Kiss Me Again, My Heart, Never be What you want(we are the in crowd)

Fashion Inspirations: IDK, I don’t have one, i guess.
**** Finish the sentences:

I could not leave the house without my phone and grooming kit. 

I love to: sing, decorate things and play guitar.

My childhood dream is: to join Ms. Universe when I grow up.

Beauty is: A God’s gift 🙂

The word that best describes my style: Boyish and Simple.


A girly since childhood. Year 2005.

Her Sport-scoring look. Year 2006.

Pinky Girl. She was a Miley Cyrus fan. Year 2007

Sporty and Girly in One. Year 2008.

Striking a pose on her School Uniform during her Graduation. Year 2009

Her Summer Vacation in Singapore. Year 2010

Her 2011 girly-slash-sort-of-hiphop style.

Glammin’ her 2012 Hip-hop sense of style.

I swear her Ms. Universe dream is pretty obvious since childhood.  I watched her playing her Mom’s make up kit, apply lipstick alone and fix her hair alone.  We even used to play “drama-drama” as kids and now we giggle over boys. She has this crazy little crushing-fest with Daniel Padilla.

We might have huge differences in Love and Life now as years passed by (I’ve turned a lady and she’s on her teenage years), but we have similarities when it talks about Beauty and Fashion.