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The 100 Philippine Peso GC.

My Aunt got this Gift Cert from Watsons when she almost purchased the whole store… nahh. Seriously she got it when she bought about 20 or so boxes of vitamins for their kids before they went back to Qatar, where they are currently residing at.  I suppose it’d be like a year or so supply of multi-vitamins. 😀 So anyway, she gave me the GC instead. And before it expires I need to use it. And by the way, the purchase of the GC should be an exclusively Watsons product. 🙂

Here’s what I got:

Watsons Sakura Bella Body Scrub for P99.00. This product alone will not be accepted. According to the Store Manager, it should be exact or greater than of the value of the certificate.

Watsons Lip Balm. For P49.75. Which made me added a couple of bocks to the gc.