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Remember her? She’s back with more… 😉

Rey Orleen N. Acebuche, 20 
Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City

www.sisace.wordpress.com *a blog collab! 🙂

Favorite Color: Black,Red
Favorite Fashion essential: Simple black dress

I could not leave the house without: my face powder
My Childhood Dream is: To become an actress someday
Beauty is: in the eye of the beholder
The word that best describes my style: Simple.


Manila Summer Vacation 1997. During our kiddy years, our Lola (grand ma) used to bring us both to Cebu and Manila for a vacation. 😉

Recognition 1998 with Lola Pacing (grand ma father’s side). She was 7th honors? Hey! That was me… But yeah… what honor again? 😀

During their School’s Cosplay. 2011. ahh.. Sakura..gi? 😀

Acquaintance Party 2011. Remember what I said in my previous entry about her? Yeah, we share wardrobes toegther. So yeah, that’s my DIY Mini Dress and Belt. 😉