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It takes inspiration to do whatever you love to do!

Let me start off by telling you a lil background about this blog. In 2011 I was inspired by Kryz Uy’s blog and thought, “ hey! I should start mine too”! It started off with nothing but boring posts about my looks to looks I love from lookbook but was not able to maintain them. I left blogging about fashion mid year of the same year and started a new blog by the name of Random Venus. Later of last year I came back after I met Vern Enciso.  And today, I continue blogging because I am inspired by these bloggers I met through Lookbook. Inspired enough, that sometimes I take a queue from their own looks. And today you’ll  get to meet some of them!

They aren’t the bloggers that you usually see on televisions, hear on radios or see being at the billboards of Edsa Guadalupe or somewhere else.  But these local bloggers who catches enough audience who appreciates their sense of style, taste to fashion and how they connect to the world will surely inspire any other fashion beginner, explorer and dreamer like me.

Aris Theo  (http://lookbook.nu/arismng)


And who says, Men can’t be stylish? They’re WRONG! They should meet this Visual and Window stylist from Global City. Someone who believes that Fashion comes from within.

His hip and cool looks would  definitely lighten up a day. And if your guy is a lazy dog; then I must say, he should check Aris out, he’ll definitely like his sense of simplicity to style.

Ericka  (http://behappyblue.blogspot.com/)


Surely you’ve met the Uy sisters and some other known bloggers who are somewhere from Visayas and Mindanao. And if there’s a list of such fashionistas, Ericka should be in the list.

This Registered Nurse-Law Student from Bohol working in Cebu is a babe! You’ll surely love her Girly-Preppy style.

Kimmy (http://simplistic-chic.blogspot.com/)


Let me tell you something; the first time I laid my eyes on this post: http://simplistic-chic.blogspot.com/2012/11/vintage.html, I was awestruck!  Her lovely outfits are such dramatically lovely.

This chick is rocking vintage, girly, edgy and glam style! Say, versatility!  And oh, she’s from North Cotabato!

Charlene  (http://charleneajose.tumblr.com/)


What’s not to love with this gorgeous señorita?  She’s a Professional Layout artist slash Nursing Student slash Fashionista. She nails the Jeans-Tribal prints combi and she does A++ in mix-matching. She’s a dolly and a talent!  And I just realize, should she be in my “Popular Fashionista’s” instead of rising?

Janusz (http://studdedgun.blogspot.com/)


He’s fierce at 17.  A student from Manila who breaths Fashion.  If you love Andre J, then you’ll certainly love Janusz too! Not that he dresses like Andre but his Rock n Roll style is surely as artistic as Andre’s.

Kristine (http://heteroheroine.tumblr.com/)


If you love goodies from the 60’s and is inspired by the wonders of vintage… then you should meet Kristine. You’ll definitely love her vintage-retro inspired looks. Dropping by her site makes my day!  Check out her blog, I had a hard time choosing a photo to paste here.  Plus she’s Shakespeare’s daughter! I love her even more for that! 😀

Jeanne Khee (http://thejeannejournal.tumblr.com)


She’s fabulous! Her Glam with a twist of girly looks are lovely!  She’s also an Entrepreneur and an aspiring photographer too!

Kat (http://katastrophicmess.blogspot.com/)


Her wearable looks are so pretty. Something admirable and interesting. And speaking of interesting, she’s an artist! Of course I’m an Art Dreamer and thus make me say, she’s got the gift I am dreaming of! 😉

I got a bunch in my list, and you’ve got to meet the rest soon.

~Have a  gorgeous Monday everyone! 😉

Photo Credits: [theo] | [ericka] | [kimmy] | [charlene] | [janusz] | [kristine] | [jeanne] | [kat]