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I had a hard time putting on this look yesterday. I have to follow boss’ orders but at the same time I don’t want to look older than my age by wearing blazers and the usual corpo clothes.  So what I did, following my boss’ orders and at the same time following what really is “me” when it comes to dressing up. And by the way, ORDERS include: “NO FLASHY SHOES!” And I don’t know why she have to ban my neon Primadonna wedges! :((((

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I no loner wear this cardigan. And yesterday I have no choice but to wear it because my other cardigan is in the laundry basket. 😦


I got to tie it, because when it’s loose I look hilarious; when it’s pulled together with a belt, I looked nerdy weird and even more hilarious!



I was so afraid in wearing this combi yesterday, but I have no other choices because I mostly have jeans and tees in my closet. My personal and regular  style is really boyish so I don’t have much clothes for work.



SAM_3489My problem with working in the education industry is that my usual style for work is no longer allowed at school. And I don’t have much of a choice but to follow orders. Normally, in my previous jobs I would go to work with my pants, heels, and blouse with cardigan. But now I am forced to wear collared blouse, blazer and even my shoes’ heels should not exceed 3 inches and it MUST be black. Piled accessories are also a NO-NO. Can you believe it?  Well, the only solution I am looking at right now is to embrace the rules and go shopping for the allowed dress code. Say helllllloooooo black and white and gray!

Yet still happy weekend to y’all lovelies! 😉


[Cardigan: Starmall Bazaar | Top: Ukay-ukay | Skirt: Ukay-ukay | Bag: Divisoria | Pony: Mighty Convenient Store | Necklace: Edsa Pavilion Bazaar | Cuff: Y.R.Y.S | Shoes: Rusty Lopez]