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I was in hiatus for how many days? 2 days- I think. I was caught with a fever. Although summer is near the weather here in the country is really cold. Colder than December which is supposedly the colder month in the Philippines. It is because of the cold front and the so called “Amihan“. And because it’s cold during the days, especially at night(literally.. and I am not just being too dramatic because valentines day is approaching and the cupids have turned their backs on me… achuchuchu! hahaha!)  I have an excuse to wear my coats and jackets.

SAM_3547SAM_3553 SAM_3549 SAM_3542

SAM_3539 SAM_3545 SAM_3557The sling bag looks damaged already, eh? Yes. This bag is actually grand ma’s  and tell you, I don’t have any idea why she have this and where she got this. All I know is that when I first saw this on her I told her the bag looks nice and she left in my room in Tacloban. So I assume she has already given me this bag. 🙂 Although it’s a bit damage already, I still like using it because it adds a touch of indie-edge.

So anyways, the colder season will last until mid-Feb (if my memory serves me right). And this means, I can wear my coats and jackets til mid-Feb… yay! As some of you might not know, Philippines is a tropical country and if you are seen wearing coats on the streets, you would look unusual and worse be called “feeler” (A term used to define someone who assumes). But not at this time. Because admit it, even the sun smiles at us; the wind blows coldly.



[Trench Coat: Ukay-ukay | Top: Ukay-ukay | Jeans: Bazaar | Fringe Booties: Ukay-ukay | Sling Bag: Grand Ma’s | Ring: Pure Gold Bazaar | Hair accessory: Y.R.Y.S ]