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Lately, I’ve been addicted to interesting DIY and stuffs in Pinterest. Although my ideas for the AYS project were drained during the busy days of events planning for LArcMNL, I found a spare time sometime last week to create something that will remind me of those happy days of the year.

In 2011, I started with stick on notes with thoughts about my crush and those days I get to see him or had an eye-to-eye moment with him and anything related. And every time I re-read those treasures, it was like walking back; not looking to what’s left behind though, but remembering those days when it’s always VALENTINES day! >.<

This box will be filled with notes of those happiest days of my 2013 life. I’ll empty it before the year ends and see what are those days and things I should be grateful despite of the challenges I have encountered.

This creative idea was inspired by the birthday jar! 😉


I used:

Shoe box

Craft/Art Paper (from Japan Home Center) SAM_3729


Scotch Tape




T’was easy.. just needs a little patience here and there specially that my glue isn’t really good! *shame on the glue! 😀 Just make sure that the box is well wrapped and no where to be opened. It’ll be your self’s surprise for you, so just leave a whole – enough size to fit  folded papers in. CHEATING is NOT ALLOWED in this project! 😀 What surprise is for? haha! Though, it’s really up to you. 😉

SAM_3730I chose to write something in the box. And you can opt to doodle stuffs and be as creative as you wanna be or should I say, as you are!? 😉

SAM_3734For my first note/date though, I chose to use the calendar. And now you know the very first date that made me happy. 🙂

Tell me what are your artsy-your-self projects and share it to us! I am on pinterest @tiffymuah. Let’s share ideas. I have a lot of boxes, plastic bottles and old papers; in short I LOVE COLLECTING TRASHES!:))  And would love to re-create them into something eye-candy. And as of now, I am just looking at them  and wait for an idea to kick in. Maybe you have something in your room or in your house that you might wanna show me and we’ll see what I can do to murder the craft! haha!