Last night I passed by in Edsa Pavilion to get some chocolates for my self after work. I chose Japan Home Center over the Dollar Store. But then again, when I stumbled upon the school supplies section, here we go… didn’t help my self from picking and grinning at the notebooks.  And that metal glasses case? That was placed somewhere near the cashier bay. I was, “hey! You’re soo cute and my sun glasses would Thank you!” 😀

And when I tried to fit my sunnies in, it smiled at me! :D

And when I tried to fit my sunnies in, it smiled at me! 😀


And believe it or not this cutie-pie is only for P66. While the case is only for P88. A kawaii steal, right? >.<

And... I don't want to glide a pen on it. It's just sooo cute!

And… I don’t want to glide a pen on it. It’s just sooo cute!

What’s your cutiest steal?

And hey, it’s Valentines Day! Any cupids for you? It’s my another ordinary day, unless someone pretty special would turn it into an extraordinary one! Which is impossible, anyway. So let’s call it SINGLE’S AWARENESS DAY again for me! 😀

For my co-singles out there.. here’s my friend Jason Frame covering the S.A.D song.

Whatever your relationship status is.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! NO BITTERILLA’S (Bitter Cinderellas) ALLOWED! 😉