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Hello Lovelies!

Miss me? Miss me? hahaha! Can you feel the scorching sun? Yes, it’s summer already! I don’t know about yours, but in the Philippines, it already is! Or is it just me? 😀

Anyways, here’s a look I’d like to share with you gals to kick off summer! ;)I have been wearing summer-ready looks lately and they won’t fail making me hyper everyday! 😉


Products Used:
Maybelline powder foundation
In2it Moisture release lipstick in Angel Pink
DIY red blush
DIY red lip color
Garnier Light Cream with SPF 17
Avon Eyeyshadow quad in Earth Tones

It’s easy! And y’all know the drill. Cleans and do your daily regimen. When it’s summer, it’s hot! So, add some cream with spf (the higher the better) in your beauty rituals.
As for the eyes, as usual just the basic tricks.

> Use the “canvas” color on your eyelids and brow bone. This will serve as a highlighter and a base.
> With the flat eyeshadow brush, apply the ‘safari green’ color on the outer v of your eyes. Imagine drawing “>” on your eyes. And with the blending brush; blend in the color. It should look gradient to the first color.
> Instead of black liner, use ‘truffle’ or brown color to line your eyes.
> On your lower lash lines use the ‘citrine’ or gold color. In applying this, stop mid way and use the ‘canvas’ color for the other half. lines should meet half way.
> With the same gold color, apply this on the inner corners of your eyes for highlighting.
> Curl lashes and apply mascarra. For some drama, you may add flase lashes.
> Blush away! 😀

> Now moving on to the lips. Your lips should be an image of the blooming flowers. Ohay, too dramatic? 😀 But yeh, use 2 shades of lip color. One lighter and one bolder. With the lighter shade apply it on your lips. Using the bolder color apply it on the center-half of your lips. Note the geisha lips.

And now you’re ready to step into the sun! 😉

Tell me how was it!
Keep glammin’! ❤