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Hype this look in lookbook

Was out for a meeting yesterday with my beloved Philippine Street Team for some upcoming events for LArcMNL. Sounds exciting? Heck, YEAH! But the sad part though is.. I’m leaving tomorrow and won’t be in Manila ’til June.. or worst NEVER (Which I don’t honestly DON’T want to happen!) I SHOULD return before JUNE! should! should! I MUST! I’m sorry mom, I can’t leave my only vice! :((

Adios! for now Metro Manila! I SHALL RETURN! 😉

*I won’t be able to update the blogs due to internet issues.. uhm… Outdated ang probinsya namin e. 😀

[Top: Whatever | Shorts: ukay | Shoes: Juice @ SM Department Store | Bag: Kultura @ SM Department Store  | Hat: 99 Store]