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Here are some in-expensive yet adorable finds I found just this afternoon while shopping at YKS with Aunt’s Lorna and Mila and sister Orleen.

YKS, is a store that offers variety of products from clothing, kitchen wares to school supplies and beauty products-  in a very affordable price. There’s only one rule though, buy items in 3’s and get the exact price, or buy just one and there will be an additional 20% to the price. In short, buy items in 3’s or bulk! Which is actually wallet-friendly if you’re into gift giving. 🙂

Here are the items I got for this up coming Sunday. We’re planning to go to a beach resort in Tolosa, Leyte.


Believe it or not, this pair only cost me (well actually my Aunt Mila :D) only 120php!  Way too affordable compared to the 25% on sale item at Robinson’s Department Store. I am so happy! 🙂 She also got 2 bikinis which are so pretty! >.<

This sun dress originally is for 115php, but then because it’s only I who has an eye for this dress; they added 20% on top thus cost me now 138php. Still a good buy, right? The hat is, hold your breathes- 50php! Yes! My sister and I bought 3, the one for Mama.

Just remember, summer means NO MORE SCHOOL ALLOWANCE, though if you’re already a working woman, still summer parties and outings should not rip off your wallets, kay? 😉

Happy beachy shopping!


*YKS is located at Anibong, Tacloban City.