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I don’t have to feel like I’m 22, because I am! Just turned officially two and two yesterday. Yay!

I’ve always been proud about my birthday, April 9. I am not alone in celebrating it, the whole country joins me. Every 9th of April is Araw Ng Kagitingan (Day Of Valor), and am always been proud about myself being born on the day when people commemorates the courage of the Filipinos during World War II.


Mom said, she’s glad that I was born on a day of courage and heroin. She considers me as a one-tough-cookie, a brave girl, courageous and daring. And words could not express how grateful I am to be born on a such day, among all other days in April, and I am on my way to prove my worth of owning this day!:)


So what are my plans for this year? I got a Bucket List with me. And I’ll start crossing them.. ohw.. I actually already did start crossing since yesterday. A whole lot new year for me!

SAM_5351 SAM_5353

And I’ve raid my sister’s closet again! XD I’m lovin the top because it really is pretty! These sandals too says “I’M A WARRIOR”!

And here’s the birthday song of the year:

[Top, Belt and Sandals: All belong to Sister 😀 | Bag: A 2009 gift from Qatar – am re-united with my other stuffs right now. I missed them 🙂 ]