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The fabulous salon hot oil in a traditionally natural do-it-yourself process!



Gritted Coconut/ Coconut Juice

Hair Conditioner for better scent




  1. Extract coco milk from gritted coconut by pressing it into a cloth.

Cool Stuff: Left over worries? No need to. In our province, gritted coconut is mixed into the food for pigs. But if you feel like it is sooo “probinsyanaaaaaaa”, you can use it as body scrub. Cool, yeah?

  1. Mix a quarter teaspoon or a desired amount hair conditioner. Coco milk alone may smell bad in 3 days. And surely, you don’t want that, neh? 😉
  2. Heat the coco mix in a pan while mixing. You may also wait ‘til it boils. There’s no difference between the heated milk and the boiled one.
  3. After heating/boiling, transfer the milk into another container and keep it cool or warm. You can also let it cool in the pan.

This coco milk will stay good for only 2  days. Just keep in a cool place or put in the freg, and just re-heat it.


  1. You can use cotton balls to apply the milk unto the scalp and comb unto the entire hair. Just apply it evenly by dividing your hair into parts.
  2. Massage and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Or if you have a heater (which is very WOW of you), you can use it. Or just wrap your hair with a plastic.

Cool Stuff: To contribute something good to mother earth, you may re-use the plastic bags that you got from the grocery store last week. Just make sure it’s clean of course.

  1. Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and Conditioner is your super best friend to keep your hair smelling pretty after the milk.

Gorg tip: Shampoos are for the scalp. Conditioners are for the strands. To keep the natural oil of our hair, we must apply and massage shampoo unto the head only leaving the strands alone. As for the conditioner, apply unto the entire hair massaging from the roots and focusing on the tips.

This really helps to those with dry hair in preserving the natural oils of the hair keeping it moisturized and shiny.

Nature is really wonderful (not to mention miraculous too). So save thy torn wallets and look for alternates. Because to be beautiful,  it should not cost you an arm and a leg and some lungs. You know! 😀  And you can gain plus points for being so creative.  😉