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I was away for quiet long. And as much as I want to tell everything that happened while I was away, it’s not that really interesting for it wasn’t interesting at all. I’ve never get politics and the things behind it. And I hope this will be the very last term of my Grand Pa in the office.

Though on the other hand I still found some time to enjoy my 90 days of vacay with my siblings and cousins.



So anyways, I was, dressed up on the day of the Campaign Rally of my Grand Pa’s team. Flower prints, Pink shades and blue stripes. I don’t know what to say anymore. 😀 But I do hope that everyone is having a blast on their summer vacations. 😉 xoxo


P.S. I’ve just recently move to Cebu City. And yes, I’m here to face the corporate world of Central Visayas. 🙂