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Pardon the plaster on the arm, just had my medical exam early this morning as part of my pre-employment process. Yes! You read that right. PRE-EMPLOYMENT! Re-location to a new city means re-location of work too- of course.


SAM_6445Since I started working, I always look for a bag where everything will fit in. This bag is my Aunt’s. And I’m lovin’ it cause I could stuff-in my entire closet! hahaha!

And again, I’m wearing almost not mine! I raided my sister’s and cousin’s wardrobes. And yes, will be living with them. My cousin who’s a freshman in Cebu Doctors University and my sister an Intern in Crown Regency.

Re-location can be pretty tough, especially when you don’t speak the language, and you didn’t grow in the place. Cebu is part of my childhood. When my sister and I were younger, our grand-mama would take us here for vacation. But we never learned how to speak Bisaya. Well just the basic one’s though.

And now, am starting to embrace the new life. Am learning the language, and ready for anything that will be thrown along my way. 🙂

Keep glammin’ lovelies! 😉


Top: Giordano (Sister’s) | Skirt: Cousin’s | Bag: Aunt’s | Watch and Flats: eMall Bazaar