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We spent our Sunday’s holy hour at Basilica del Sto. Nino last Sunday. We could have stayed indoors because it was heavily raining. But Mom thought we could just take a cab going to church. Mom won’t allow us to miss a single Sunday in our life. She’s just that piously devoted. 🙂

I thought the rain would just go on and pour endlessly. But before the mass has ended, the raining stopped. So we thought of paying our Uncle Magellan’s cross a visit, since it’s my sister’s first day in Cebu. 🙂


These days in the country, umbrella will be your best-friend. We got no tv at our new place and we have no idea why the weather has been like this, but lately it has been pretty crazy… sun shine by day, rainy by mid-afternoon.. and though it’s been raining, it never gets colder. haaaa.. what do I expect? I live in a tropical country.

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Stay dry and cool lovelies! 😉



Summer just started in the  western part and some parts of the world. And you know what that means. Beach season! Is your body swimwear ready? Watch and enjoy this video and learn what bloating is, what causes it and how to reduce them. Which by the way I have just learned. Poor kitty! But hey, it’s never too late, yeah? haha!

Enjoy your summer! 😉


Top: Giordano (Sisters) | Jumper: Cousin’s | Beanie: Divisoria | Shoes: Red by Marc Ecko