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People are probably sick and tired of my outfits as much as I am! haha!

I have a very limited wardrobe and most likely you would see me in my favorites especially my shoes and my basic daily wear.Though I kind of feeling to give up most of them, I cannot. Because they are my well… mainly my favorites… and I cannot just afford to give up on them because they still fit me well. .. and oh how I wish I have that kind of luxurious life to indulge into such pieces and prices and everything everyday.

I am more than glad right now that I have my cousin and sister living with me because I can easily raid their closets. Though taking photos of them might be a little embarrassing, I just love the idea of sharing how good-looking their closets are.. and how generous they are to allow me to use some of their favorite pieces. 🙂


On the other note, I just wanted to share this moment we had last night.


After the mall and salon tour (which means both window and shopping and mani-pedi treatment), we spent a few hours at the roof top at our place. We’re only renting a room as of now while waiting for my uncle’s house to be done in December this year, so that makes it NOT our roof top yet. haha! So anyways, we spent the rest of our night reminiscing at the old days and realize how old we are right now. haha! Just the usual crazy stuff that most people or family would probably do on a regular night.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


[Top: Sister’s | Jeans; FreeGo | Rings (both): Girlshoppe | Watch: e-mall Bazaar]