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Today is my nephew’s 5th birthday. And although we are celebrating it miles apart from him, Mom wanted it to be something really special. We bought this balloon, some cupcakes and just celebrated it with an intimate dinner at our place. Just me, my cousin, my sister (who’s his mom), and mom.

Earlier this afternoon, they’ve had a mini-gathering at my Aunt’s house and ate spaghetti she cooked and some cupcakes too. My nephew sounds really happy while he was telling us the story of the day. 😀 The kid is really growing up so fast, I barely could keep up with his pace. :)) But he’ll always be our baby boy!  ❤

Anyways, segway… hahaha! I’m wearing my sun-kissed make up.  Is it obvious? haha! My guess, NOT. I’m using Mom’s blackberry  curve cause my baby shutter is still lazy, (aka, low battery). 😀

I’m sensing that am already nailing the eyebrow defining! haha! I honestly didn’t know how to do it before. 😀


Products used: Maybelline Foundation in in Natural | Careline Oil Control Blush in Starlight Shine | Mom’s brown Lip tint fron Hong Kong | HBC Eyebrow Pencil in Brown

I’ll tell you more about it when I have a better quality camera so you could see the exact look. 😉 For now just a hint: for sun-kissed effect, apply the blush on the apples of your checks. forehead, nose line and jaw. And use shades that may create a tan effect. < if it makes sense! hahaha! 😀 Anyways, will break it soon. :))

Happy Monday, Lovelies!



Top is from Forever 21. Original style should be something like this,  but I went crazy earlier and turned the sleeves to the back and made a ribbon instead. 😀

Am also thinking about sharing my thoughts about bra’s in sheer tops! You think it’d be something good? 😉 Sheer tops are becoming an “it” top and some girls tend to wear them regularly like shirts and would not care about the intimate apparel they’re showing…  A’ryt.. am drafting it right now. haha!