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Hello lovelies!

I am not on hiatus mode… I am just a bit busy with my new work. Am still on training for the whole month til mid-August and I might not be able to update this blog just like how I used to when I was still waiting for my schedule.

But I’ll try to post updates if I found time and of course, interesting one’s. For now, let me share you this amazing website you lovelies might just love too!

Brave Girls Club is a site for all brave and beautiful girls. Subscribe to the “Daily Bird Told Me”, and receive positive vibes in an instant right in your inbox.

Honestly  every time I open my email and read through the daily letters, I feel loved by the world and all the “negatrons” run away from my sight. haha! Seriously, this is a very inspiring site for all the girls in the world; Just because we aren’t perfect, we can’t be loved. Just because we don’t feel happy, we can’t be beautiful!

Hit subscribe and feel beautiful everyday! You gowh girl!


Stay Lovely! 😉


*This isn’t a sponsored blog. My thoughts about the site are my personal views. I get nothing from Brave Girls Club except the daily inspiration they send to my email… Which is by the way much better and more valuable than any gorgeous heels or pretty dress!