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Some girls don’t feel like enjoying Sundays. Mainly because the following day is a Monday and some of them hate that day.

For me, we should not feel like that. As a Catholic Christian, I believe that we should be celebrating Sunday with God and we should be thankful for all the blessings we have received and will be receiving. It’s  a day to reflect with life. Well, it honestly supposed to be everyday that we give thanks and reflect with God, but if you’re too busy thinking more about the things going on in your surroundings, then Sunday should be your perfect time to do so. At least give some time for Him. (This absolutely depends on your belief of course. 😉 )

For all the weekend babies out there, be thankful you’ve got Saturdays and Sundays to enjoy, chill out and relax. Because for the BPO (Call Center) darlings like us, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are most of the times our weekend. Besides, you’ve got two days to have fun! Don’t think about what’s for tomorrow because it’s more stressing. Sit back. Relax and just savor the moment! Don’t think it’s Monday the following day. Why we should hate Monday anyway? I’ve never hated that day… like ever! Especially during school days because it’s my day to spot crush in the other room. Srsly! 🙂

So anyway, unto the look…


It’s been a while since the last look of the day, eh? 🙂 And I felt like a bit-shy for posting this. 😀 It’s sort’a nah! Like really nah! 😛 So anyways. Mom and I with cousin visited the Church today. It’s quiet a bit funny and at the same time shameful, because both my cousin and I could hardly understand the priest. Both of us are in the process of learning the language (Cebuano/Bisaya), so we merely just have a little grasp of the entire homily. I ended up just asking my Mama what was he meant by these and that. haha! So yeah… we’ll get a hang of it anyway. Soon. 😛

mushykitty lod71413 mushykitty lod71413

mushykitty lod71413 mushykitty lod71413

Enjoy the weekend lovelies! 😉 xoxo

[Top: Whatever | Shorts: ukay-ukay | Bag: Parisian | Wedges: Missy | Watch: eMall Bazaar]