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vavacurl by mushykitty (1)

Who says Monday can’t be gorgeous? If you walk up from the wrong side of the bed, that should not be the reason to feel bad the whole day. Find something that’d lighten you up, like maybe standing in front of the mirror and smiling to your self… Or maybe styling your hair could do the trick. Eh?

Hmmm… kay.. so much for intro! haha!

I didn’t wake up at the wrong side of the bed, it just so happened that I still got enough time to curl my hair! 😉  But since curling your hair by yourself can be a challenge (at least for me 😛 ), I asked some help from my cousin; Who by the way owns the styling iron! 😀

vavacurl by mushykitty

vavacurl by mushykitty

What I love about this styling iron is that it has 5 different attachments for styling the hair.  So if you feel like going super straight or super volumized hair, just pick from the five attachments and slide it unto the styling iron.

What I also like about this styling baby is that it has a photo-ceramic coating which compared to other styling irons, would keep your hair’s original moisture and its color as well.  I just couldn’t say more to this iron, it’s just everything that I want in a hair styler.

vavacurl by mushykitty

vavacurl by mushykitty (2)

I chose the medium curl attachment, but since my cousin were freaking out because she thought we were already running out of time, the result wasn’t really an explosion but I love how it actually looked almost natural to my original hair (before the damages came in 😦 ). And of course my curls would not lost longer if not for the L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. 😉 So yeah, I supah luuurv my Monday hair! Did I say more? haha!

And looky, it’s Tuesday already! Is time just passes by too fast, or is me just super enjoying my everyday? lol.

Hyper Tuesday Lovelies!

*crawls up to bed to get some sleep. I just got home from werk! 😉