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Black Out Sunday

Last night, my company’s account celebrated its first anniversary. So say hello to my BPO terminologies! hahaha! I’d love to talk everything about last night’s party. But my brain could not process the thoughts.

Hang-over from the insane party? Probably. 😀

So here are the photos instead to supply whatever I want to talk about. 😛

Black Out Sunday

Ok, wait.. lemme share something about this outfit. And you might wonder why this look is way so boring to be a party look.

Let me explain, will you? haha!

First off, I wanted to be as simple as I can be. I opted not to wear heels because I know I’d be partying all night long and my feet would hate me after.

Secondly, my initial plan was to wear a vintage-like dress (you know the polka-dotted dress and some sneaks for a casual and modern vintage one), but I didn’t find the perfect dress. This goes to the girl who shops 24 hours before the event. Hence, I liked how my look turned out to be a classically chic. Agree? 😉 Thanks Mama for shopping with me! ❤Black Out Sunday

I wanted to add a bit of edginess so I added the black belt instead of a red or any other bolder colored one. You know I don’t really accessorize because I’m lame with them. XD

I also wanted to add some pop of colors, so I wore my new flats and my sister’s bag. What do you think?

Okay, since I’m done explaining my look, here goes the photos to tell the whole party story. 😉  Hope you’ll enjoy looking at them!

Black Out Sunday

Meet our Learning Lab’s Team Manager (center). So far he’s the most fun to work with- honestly. And I hope all Team Manager’s on the floor are like him. 🙂Black Out Sunday

From the left most is my Trainer- and no kidding the most stylish trainer yet I’ve ever met.  And my training-mates of course.
Black Out Sunday

Let me tell you something about this photo. This was taken by our Site Manager. I told him: “Thanks Kuya!” while he hands me back the camera. I only knew that he’s our boss when one of my training-mates told me. Say, #awkward! I wasn’t even able to say Sorry! 😦Black Out Sunday

And so here goes your party-freak Kitty! haha!

I love corporate parties! And I am looking forward for more.

This week is our last week of Learning Lab and by next week we won’t be in the same team anymore, because we will be distributed to separate teams.  And I hope we’ll still find time to bond even so.

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Keep Glammin’!



Thanks to Jen and Clark for taking my solo pictures. 😀 Welcome to my crazy blogging world! 😀

[Dress: Marquise @ Metro Gaisano | Flats: Solemate @ SM Dept Store | Belt: Y.R.Y.S @ SM Dept. Store | Ring: Girlshoppe | Watch: eMall Bazaar | Bag: Parisian]