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Guess what?

I didn’t have a good sleep yesterday due to a discomfort in my body. So I ended up having just a 4 hour sleep and I thought I would not survive my shift. Good thing I did! hah! <(^,^)>

So since I woke up very early for my night shift and the unwanted feeling disappeared before I knew it; I had a nice feeling of thinking a bit about my outfit for the day.

Pink isn’t my favorite color, I don’t hate it either. But I just feel uncomfortable wearing it because the color it self is so girly. But in this outfit, I dared to try it out. And hey, not bad at all. What do you think?

Some of my teammates reaction were pretty nice, because they won’t usually see me wear something like this.

So what’cha think? 😉




[Cardigan: Sister’s | Top: H&M | Skirt: Mogao | Flats: Solemate]