About Me

 Mushy Kitty =^.^= (and yes the additional characters are part of it) is a blog dedicated for Kathleen’s fashion and beauty mess-adventures. It started off  somewhere April 2011 getting an inspiration from Kryz Uy‘s blog. She started off in the cyberworld at blogspot in 2009 where she tell tails of her life, posts her poems and songs; mainly an online diary, until she got interested into Fashion late 2010.

Trying to organize her blogs, Kathleen re-vamped the site in 2012. Transferring posts about books, movies and her other random musings in another blog: Random Venus.  Right now, Mushy Kitty =^.^= mainly focuses on fashion, beauty and its inspirations.

This blog claims no name in the fashion industry, neither aiming for it. The main purpose of this blog is to share my interest and to inspire other girls, who are like me: afraid and scared to get out of the shell.

So far I’m very thankful that for a few years of blogging I haven’t experienced cyber-bullying yet. Though it might make me push harder for my dreams, I don’t want to experience it. But would gladly welcome them if ever they pass by.I’m just thankful for all the follows, subscriptions, likes and comments and just simply for dropping by.


Kitty Kath


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